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Welcome to Log Home Village company - the leading producer of hand-made log houses.

We hope that our rich experience can be intereting to you if you are going to build a log house or live in a log home or just have interest in the wooden houses.
A few words about us: 
We have been producing hand-made log houses of exclusive quality since 2000 and now are the leading and in a sence one of few unique companies which work permanently and suxessfully in this sophisticated business.
We design and produce living log houses, cottages, bath-houses, summerhouses and other types of wooden buildings of round logs, oval logs and frame constructions. We use various designs and technologies of building:
Russian, Norwegian and Canadian that are most popular among our clients.
The most natural and frequent form of our cooperation with foreign clients is desing, production, delivery and installation of log shells.
We work both with individual customers, property developers and building companies all over the Europe. We are open for cooperation and will gladly discuss suggestions from new potential partners. The geography of our log house export deliveries is wide:Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Moldavia, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, UK.
Here are some figures that show our activities:
- we have 2 production areas with large capacity of producing;
- most of our carpenters work at our company from the start of the company on the permanent basis;
- for production we use high quality fulgrown Northen pine timber;
- optimal provision of the teams with cranes and lifters. As a result we have high efficiancy of production: a log house is produced at the rate of around 80 m2 per month.
- during these years we have produced over 650 log houses, the most of them for delivery in Europe.
The interest in log homes as a traditional and ecology-friendly way of living has been increasing all over Europe, and we are glad that we can use our experience for the benefit of our clients.